POETRY (NC16) by Lee Chang-dong – Coming Soon….

Korea / 2010 / Color / 1.85:1 / 139min
directed by LEE Changdong
with YUN Junghee

Mija a woman in her sixties takes a poetry class and for the first time in her life, ponders poetry. When she returns home, she finds out that her middle school grandson is mixed up in the sexual assault of a schoolgirl and so she tries to get some settlement funds. Mija has two things to find; one is to find poesy for her first poetry and second is the money to persuade the victim of her grandson’s assault. The innocence or metaphysics expressed in the world of poetry matches up with the violence of males in Mija’s life, shaking her to the core. Through this process, Mija learns that writing poetry is not an act grown out of simple passion for beauty, but a struggle in life with violence.

International Film Festival 2010

Asian Film Awards 2011

Director’s Comments
These are times when poetry is dying away.
Some lament such loss and others claim, “Poetry deserves to die.”
Regardless, people continue to read and write poetry.

What does it mean then to be writing poetry when prospects of an ongoing future seem dismal? This is a question I want to pose to the public.

But in fact, it is a question I pose to myself as a filmmaker: What does it mean to be making films at times when films are dying away?

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